Breakfast in Kigali: Finding Home Away From Home with Avocado Toast

I’m thrilled to share my piece published at Roads & Kingdoms (one of the best sites on the intersection of travel, culture, and politics out there, and Anthony Bourdain/Slate approved!). Thanks again to Roads & Kingdoms for allowing me to share my thoughts on my travels in Kigali and the universal language of food!

Speaking the International Medical Language of Avocado Toast

Photo by Christine Chu

photo // Christine Chu


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“I was like a dead person. And now I’ve risen again!”: Rwanda, the World’s Modern-Day Lepers, and My Journey into Their World

It’s been a long hiatus.

But from the time I last wrote, life has moved on, at an alarmingly rapid speed.

I met my boyfriend’s family in his lovely hometown in Florida, a place hithertofore thought mutually exclusive with the the word ‘lovely.’



I studied at increasingly longer and more desperate intervals for my OBGYN oral boards (that dreaded and infamous test where you fly to Dallas, spend a sleepless night in a fancy hotel you won’t be able to enjoy, and then cry and/or throw up after the test.) Continue reading

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A new Facebook page, that is!

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